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21 December 1863

General Hospital
Tullahoma, Tennessee
December 21st 1863

Well Mother,

I pen you a few lines to inform you of my health. It is poor at this time. My wound is not so good as I anticipated it was. I have been in much pain for the last 3 days past. I had several small pieces of bones taken out. It is getting some better for the present.

I hope these few lines may find you enjoying good health. I have nothing of importance to write. They talk of furloughing all the wounded that belongs to the 12th Corps. You was wanting to know if I wanted money to come home on. I do not. The government furnishes transportation and takes it out of my next pay so I won’t need any money. I don’t know how soon it will be before I can get home.

Well, I must close. Goodbye to all.

— Ed Whipple

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