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2 November 1862

Bolivar Heights, Va.
November 2nd 1862


I will now try to pen a few lines to you to let you know that I am still alive and well and hope you are the same. Mother, I want you to send me John Mustart’s ¹ address. I have forgot it and I don’t got any answer to the one I wrote to him so I think I will write again. But it is getting late so good night.

Well mother, I will write a line or two more as I ain’t sleepy. We I saw Wiley [Lafferty] ² a day or two ago. He was glad to see me—or at least he pretended to be. He came up on Loundoun Heights and found me just ready to march into Loudoun & valley. He went down with me and then went.

November 5th 1862

Well mother, I will now try to finish my note at last. Let’s see—where did I leave off? Oh, I remember now. I was speaking of Wiley. Well he got up on the mountain just as we was going to leave. He went down into the valley with me and then went back to the [Harpers] Ferry.

Well mother, I stole a Sibley tent and a stove last night and now I can sit by the fire and write with ease. Ben keeps bothering me all the time. He thinks I am writing to some girl and keeps telling me what to write. Well, I got your letter of the 26th of October and was glad to hear that you was well. I got it last night. Tell Father that he must not think that he can run the guard as we used to for he ain’t spry enough. I am glad it agrees with him to be in camp.

You say I don’t write often enough. Why I have wrote 3 times since I got one from you. Well, there is no news to write for there is not one thing to write about. Well, I will bring this to a close for this time. So goodbye.

Write soon. — Ed Whipple

Address [to] Ed Whipple, Co. C, 111th P. V. , Harpers Ferry, Va.

Now direct as I tell you and not put the long lingo of division and army. You didn’t have it right anyway for it is 3rd Brigade, 12th Army Corps. We changed a month ago.

¹ John Mustart served in Co. E, 141st Pennsylvania Volunteers.

² Daniel Wiley Lafferty served in Co. A, 157th Pennsylvania Volunteers.


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