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19 January 1865

Erie City, Pennsylvania
January 19th 1865

Dear Mother,

I will once more try writing to you and see if I will get any answer this time and if I do not, I may come up there sometime to see what is the reason. I wrote to you informing you of my marriage. You don’t seem to like it much for you don’t answer the letter and I can think of no other reason for not doing so. If that is the reason, I am very sorry but can’t help it now. But I had hoped you would like your daughter-in-law. She is a fine girl—better than I ever expected to find. But it seems there was better luck in store for me than I thought for.

My wife is at present quite unwell. I got back from N. Y. City Tuesday and Wednesday I went to see her and got back here last night. The night I stayed there, the doctor was there most all bight but he thinks she will get along all right now.

I hope to hear from you soon and to hear you are not displeased with what I have done. Respectfully yours, — E. M. Whipple, USGS

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