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18 July 1863

Sandy Hook, Md.
July 18th 1863

Dear Mother,

Please excuse me for not writing sooner for I have been so busy lately that I have hardly time to eat but I thought I would take time and just write a line or not a regular letter but just to let you know I am well and hope you are the [same]. Ben is well too.

I got 2 bullets through my clothes but nary one in my hide so I am all right.

I was out on the night of the second day’s fight as skirmisher in front and got a shot at a rebel Colonel. When I fired his hat fell off and he run for dear life. I dodged from one tree to another till I got his hat and my ball had cut the top of the crown open—a pretty close call, I think. I will send you the lining of it with the hole in it.

I have not time to write anymore so goodbye for this time. Write soon. — Ed Whipple

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 10.33.28 AM
The hatband of the hat shot off a “rebel Colonel” by Ed Whipple on 2 July 1863 at Gettysburg


Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 7.27.27 AM

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