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17 November 1863

In the Field, Tennessee
November 17, 1863

Well Mother, I will now try to pen a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope you are the same. There is no news to write about so I can’t write much. Mother, I want to enlist again in the cavalry. There is a company getting up here and I should like to go in it. They are in for the [duration of the] war and get 400 and 2 dollars bounty, 100 down and 60 days furlough. Now I should like to go but will do just as you say for I am not 21 yet. I got the money you set to me and was very glad to get it.

The regiment was paid today but I didn’t get any for I overrun my clothing allowance by $65 on this year and that is over 4 months pay and we only got 2 today. Ben run $20 under on this year too as well as me. Ben is sitting here and is well. It is getting late so I will close for this time so goodnight.

From Ed Whipple

P. S. If it is possible, send some tobacco. — Ed

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