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17 June 1862

Camp New Town, Virginia
June 17th 1862

My Dear Mother,

I will send you another line to let you know that I am still alive and well and hope you are the same. we are still advancing onto Jackson’s army. There is a large force of rebels stationed not far from here but we can’t find them. They keep pretty quiet now just at present.

I am very tired this morning for I was Sergeant of the Patrol Guard last night and was out all night. I didn’t get any prisoners but I got hailed by their pickets and fired at for not answering them. But we lay still and pretty soon their cavalry started out to see what was the matter. The came near running over us but we escaped them. But we had to wait till almost morning before we could get away without being seen.

The country looks fine here. There is a great quantity of wheat growing here and such wheat I never see the like in the North or West. I was in a field of wheat last night that was taller than my head.

Well, I guess I have scratched enough for this time so I will bring this to a close. Write as soon as you get this. From E. M. Whipple

to his mother

Camp New Town [Virginia]
June 18, 1862

Mother, We have got orders to march in one hour for Strasburg, Va. We will have a fight there I guess but don’t know.

Goodbye mother. — E. M. Whipple

P. S. You will have to pay the postage on this. — E. M. Whipple

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