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16 October 1863

Christiana, Tennessee
October 16th 1863

Well Mother,

I will now try to pen a few lines to you to let you know that I am still alive, safe and sound, and well, and hope you are the same. It is very rainy here and has been for the last few days yet—for a week for that matter. Well, we have went a good ways since I last wrote to you but it is all over with now. I enjoyed myself very much on the road. We found the folks mostly loyal to the Old Flag all the way but there are some that wasn’t.

In passing through Indiana, I saw some very good-looking girls. I think that Indiana skunks all the other states in pies, cakes, and pretty girls, for we found plenty of all three. They are great for writing for I got 27 model love letters handed to me at the car windows—all of them requesting me to write. I didn’t open them at the time for sometimes they would come in a string of 5 or 6 right after each other. But there I sat, pencil in hand, to mark on them if the giver was handsome, plain, or homely for future use.

Well, I had no paper so what was I to do? But as necessity is the mother of invention, I did not wait long for I pulled out my euchre deck and looked at them. They were new and clean so I wrote my address on it and handed it to the first pretty girl I saw and I was well rewarded for as the cars were just moving, she hove alongside and turned up as pretty a pair of lips as ever a girl was blessed with for a kiss and as I was leaning out of the window, she didn’t wait long for I am not at all bashful. But I lost my hat in the battle. She got it though for I got a letter from her night before last. Anybody who can go through what we did and come out with a whole heart needn’t be afraid of secesh bullets and as I did it, I feel perfectly safe. I have had answers to 11 of the cards I dropped (for I dropped the whole deck) and I expect I shall have more next mail. But I have not answered any of them yet. This is the first letter I have wrote.

Well Mother, when you write to me again, send some stamps for I have none and as I got that other five dollars, I wish you would send me another and find out whether Cale got that money I sent him. Goodbye. — Ed Whipple

Direct to Nashville, Tenn. instead of Washington and put on 12th Corps.

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