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15 February 1863

Camp near Aquia Landing, Va.
February 15th 1863

My dear mother,

I received yours of the 4th inst. and was very happy to hear that you was well. I am well at present and in good spirits and hope you [are] the same. The stamps were all right. I went to the Express Office this morning and found that the box had left there yesterday for to come to our commissary and I shall probably get it this afternoon and then I will have a good time, won’t I though?

You complain of my not writing to you. I have wrote lots of letters and I guess you don’t get them all but I don’t have time to write regular. But I write as often as I can.

I am in a hurry for I must go on guard this morning so I will close by saying that my chum is here eating his breakfast and bothering me about his good flour gravy that he has just made.

So goodbye, — Ed Whipple

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