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14 October 1864

Headquarters Company C, 111th Regt. Penn. Vols.
Atlanta City, Georgia
October 14th 1864

My Dear Mother,

I received yours of the 14th and 22nd inst. today and was very glad to hear from you and to know that you were well and I hoped you would be enjoying yourself but it seems you are not. I am extremely sorry. I think that there is some mismanagement somewhere but will not take it upon myself to say where (in fact, I don’t know).

You can tell Miss Hubbard for me that I have not received any letters from her and did not blame the guerrillas for capturing my mail either for I did not think she had wrote to me. But if she says she did write to me, I am very sorry to say I did not get any. I wrote to her several times but thought it was played out so I stopped writing. I got a letter from Armenia today. She is well and all the rest of the folks around there except Aunt Marie Lafferty. She is rather out of health. Grandma is there. Uncle Bill was down there to see Cal’s folks.

Well Mother, my time is almost out. It is out November 13th 1864 which is one day less than a month, you see. Well, I am glad you didn’t send any tobacco to me for I have plenty to spare. I don’t need it from home. I have good tobacco too—first rate—Navy which I captured here in the city.

Well, there is nothing interesting to write about so you will please excuse me if I write a rather dry letter this time and a short one too. Well, I will bring this to a close by saying I am in excellent health. So goodbye, Mother.

Remember, — Ed

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