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13 November 1862

Loudoun Heights, Va.
November 13th 1862

My dear mother,

It is with pleasure that I sit down to answer yours of the 3rd inst. in which you complain of my not writing often enough to suit you. I have written oftener than I have got them but I will write every other day after this so you may look for them regular as the sun.

Hello! Here comes our new Sibley tents. We must put them up, then I will finish my letter. We are in for winter quarters here anyway. Good night, — Ed Whipple

Well mother, I will now try to finish my letter note or whatever it may be called. Well, we have got our new Sibley tents and have got moved into them for the winter for we have got to guard this place so we shan’t have a chance to get to Erie this winter so I wish you would send on that box that I spoke of as soon as it is handy. Well, I am enjoying myself tip top. Am as fat as a pig and weigh 100.75 pounds and am 6 feet in my stocking so you see that soldiering agrees with me like a mice.

Well mother, have you heard the news? If you have not, I will tell you. Ben [Edy] is promoted to 2nd Sergeant and is likely to be 1st soon. There is now in the company 20 men for duty and of 60 that belongs to us but we will have some more pretty soon. Well there is no news to write about so I will bring this to a close by asking you if I have improved any in writing since I enlisted. Roll call. Good night. There, I have been out and yelled, “Here,” when Ben said, “Whipple” and so it is all right and tight as the old saying is.

Well, I shall have to let you grumble about short letters again for I have not anything more to write now. I have wrote 2 letters besides this that [are] not answered yet so I am ahead yet.

So goodnight. This from Ed Whipple of Co. C, 111th P. V.

to Mrs. P. B. Edy, his mother

P. S. Don’t forget the brandy, — E. M. Whipple


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