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11 August 1862

[Fort McHenry, Baltimore, MD]
August 11th 1862

My dear mother,

I again sit down to pen a few lines to you to let you know that I am still alive and if not well, a good deal better than I have been for a long time. When I came here, I was completely worn out and drilled down but I am on the gain very fast now.

That money you sent me was just the thing I needed. I had borrowed 16.50 and I paid that and 50 cents left and I bought me some tobacco (12 cents) and four sheets of paper and envelopes (8 cents), one quart of milk (8 cents), some sausage (10 cents), two post stamps (6 cents), four Morning Clippers (4 cents), and one piece of cake (2 cents). There you have an account of where it has gone to. It helped me a good deal and I hope I shall get some money before long to pay you back. I would like some more but I won’t ask you for the last dollar.

I wrote to Hattie the other day and got an answer yesterday. She is well. Mother, it is strange that I think of that girl so much knowing her as I do but I shall always remember her while life lasts.

Mother, I think I shall soon be able to join the regiment again. I have not been to see Mike [Gerred] for 15 or 20 days. I have no more to write that I can think of now.

Now write to me mother as soon as you get this and write often whether I write or not. Well, goodbye mother for this time. From your soldier boy, — E. M. Whipple

to his mother


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