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11 April 1863

Aquia [Landing], Virginia
April 11th 1863


It is with pleasure that I now sit down to answer yours of the 5th which I have just got and which I will answer in detail. 1st my health is good. 2nd the weather is very fine being as warm as it is there in August. 3rd, I passed the day yesterday in going 8 miles and back to attend a review by the President. 4th, I like Old Joe Hooker first rate. The right man in the right place. 5th, my Brigadier’s name is [Thomas L.] Kane—as good a brigade as there is in the service. [We are the] 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division in command of Gen. Geary—another general whose name will shine in the annals of history.

6th, my idea of the war is that it has not fairly begun yet. We had a skirmish with the Rebs this morning but what the result was, I have not learned. We were under arms at daylight and till noon when the firing stopped and we went back to camp for we were at brigade headquarters 1 mile from here. As for the state of the army being any better, as you hinted, it is all gas. They are not any better if as good as last summer. As for being contented, I am as contented as anyone can be that knows that the states can never be united again. I shall serve my time and then she must look out for herself as far as I am concerned. I believe I have wrote enough for this time. — Goodbye, — Ed Whipple

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