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10 February 1865

Fort Columbus
New York Harbor
February 10th 1865

Dear Mother,

I will now try to pen a few lines to let you know where I am and what I am doing.

Well to begin with, I am doing nothing but waiting for my discharge which I shall probably get in the course of a month or six weeks. I am confined with about 1,000 others in Castle William. It is the worst place I was ever in in my life. There is gambling, stealing and robbery going on in plenty. They tried to rob me one night but my pistol was handy and I sent a ball through one’s shoulder and the rest ran off thinking, I suppose, that it was a revolver and that they would get the same served out to them. My life would have been in danger if they had known who it was but they didn’t. I am not in very good health and have not been since I left Erie.

Mother, I am going to fetch Rosa down to make you a long visit when I get back home. I was going to stay a week or ten days. How will you like that? Don’t let Rosa know that I am sick for it would maker her worry needlessly and that I don’t want her to do.

I can’t think of anything more to write about. My head aches so. Write to me and direct to E. M. Whipple, Castle William, Governor’s Island, New York Harbor, care of Sergt. Sutton, and then I shall get it.

I am in hopes I shall get my discharge before long. I was examined last Tuesday and rejected but they will take their time at making out my papers. When I get out again, I shall keep out though I have not lost much by it yet. Well, I will have to lay down so goodbye. Write soon. Your son, — E. M. Whipple

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