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1 September 1864

Camp in the field near Vining Station, Ga.
September 1, 1864

My Dear Mother,

I will now try to write a line to you to let you know that I am still alive and well and hope you are the same. Times are dull here now but we anticipate having some good times before long. Well, news is scarce just now but will be better soon, I hope. I have been with the company now about 3 weeks and have not had a letter from home yet so I think it is about time for one. I have wrote several to Kate and 3 to Armenia Crider & to you so I ought to get one by this time. I got one from Armenia and one from Kate but they were forwarded from the hospital so I have got about out of reading matter.

Ben is well and is now here washing potatoes for dinner so we will have something to eat pretty soon. Well, Ben is telling me to get the coffee ready so I shall have to quit for this time. So goodbye. write soon to — Ed Whipple

P. S. 3 hours later. I am detailed for 2 days guard and must go now. — Ed

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