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9 January 1863

Philadelphia [Pennsylvania]
Friday, January 9, 1863

Absent sister,

With great pleasure I take my pen in hand to answer your kind letter which came to hand about one hour ago. I was glad to hear from you again and to hear that you was better. I am well and doing well. I shall go home next week. My [discharge] papers was made out this morning so I shall soon go to my family again. I had a letter from Ed [Whipple]. He said he eats a good lot for me. I have never got my hat. It has gone up. But I will go home and get some now soon.

You wanted to know about Ed. The boys seem to think everything of him when I was there and he of them. So you say I hope he never will run away from the army. He was out once and he ought to stay out of it. But now he is [in], I hope he will stay till he gets out like a man. Then I would like to see him out of it.

Phebe, I wish he and I was there to take dinner with you today. Oh what a time we would have. But we can’t. But I hope and pray to God that the time will come when we can all meet again, never more to go to war. That would be a happy time for us all next time.

Well Phebe, I have just got a letter from Ellen. They are all well. So you see I do hear from all. I have got to write to her now but that is my delight both day and night, as you say. It is all comfort I take and that is a great comfort, ain’t it, to read a letter from your friends. I find it so. I have not wrote to Ed yet but I must soon as I get this done for I like to hear from him.

Well, Phebe, my discharge has come to me since so I shall go home the last of the week. Then I will write to you again. I wish you was there when I get home. I shall stop and have mother go home with me when I go. She is to [  ] now. Don’t write till I write to you again. I will [write] soon as I get home. So goodbye. This from your brother, — Wiley

to Phebe B. Ely

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