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29 October 1862

Harpers Ferry Camp
Wednesday, October 29, 1862

Dear Sister,

Again I take my pen in hand to answer your welcome letter which found me well as usual. I was glad to hear from you again and to hear that you was well.

Well sister, I received your letter Monday night. Yesterday morning I got up and went to the general and got a pass and went and seen Edwin. I found him in good cheer. He feels well. We had a good time. He lives well. He had bread and butter, dried beef, cheese, and went and had two pies. We had a good time now, I tell you. He appeared glad to see me and I was glad to see him feel so well as he did. He is full of cain [?] as he can hold. He made me a present of a gold pen and holder. I wouldn’t take 5 dollars for it. It is nice one.

Well, we have just had [?] today. Ed said he would come over here but he can’t do it as well by him or he did by me for I showed Capt. too. I gave him hardtack to eat. I have nothing else for him but that is as good as I eat for I can’t get nothing else to eat but he has no one to feed but himself and he says he has enough without eating and I can’t blame him for he has. But he has got so he knows enough to get his own grub. He said the reason he thought he would not be there another payday, he should go in the regulars. I told him not to go till we got out of this. Then we would have a good time a fighting together. Then he could if he wanted to.

Phebe. I [hope] we shall live to see this war end and your husband and child return home to his wife and mother, and I return to my home where I can sit down in the suckle [?] with my wife and child once more. Won’t that be a joyful day to me and them? Thank God, I am looking for that day and hope to see it.

Phebe, your boy is happy. He says he shall spend his days in the army. I see Ely’s boy. I like him very much. The wind blows hard today [and] blows the dust all over my paper. I had a letter from Ellen last night. She was not very well. She had a cold, she said.

Well Phebe, we had to move before I got my letter wrote. Now I will finish it. We have moved about 6 miles on the same side Ed is. I don’t know whether they have moved or not. If not, we [are] about 4 miles from him. I don’t know as I have anything more to write to you so goodbye for this time.

This from your brother, — Wiley Lafferty

To Phebe B. Edy

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