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25 June 1862

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 25, 1862

Dear Sister,

It is with pleasure that I take my pen in hand to let you know that I am all right. I have just received your letter and was glad to hear from you once more. I think that I shall go back by and by but I shall go home if I can. Before I go back I shall get my pay the first of July and I think I shall go home. I thought that I had seen war enough but I feel lonesome enough since I come from the regiment. I want to go back so I can’t hardly stand it but I don’t know but they will discharge me. I have one finger gone—one stump—so I don’t know as I can use it. The doctor said if it was such it would spoil me from service. Well I would like to go home but I should want to go back soon. ¹

Well Phebe, it is morning again and I will finish my letter now. I feel well this morn again. I look for a letter from Ellen and one from Cal this morning. If I get them, I will tell you how they are. I have one from Ellen about three times a week. You know she is good to write to anybody. Well Phebe, about the soldiers having things that is sent to them, we don’t get much here now. I tell you that I don’t know but some do. But we don’t. You wanted I should tell you about Owen [Fee]] and Bill Marsh. ² They was in the regiment with me. Bill is here now and Owen was killed on the battlefield. ³   ___ had a letter from ____ yesterday and from Emily. She was there. She had not heard that I was a soldiering. She went down to ___. She said the first thing she heard that I was wounded.

Well Phebe. It’s morn again and I will finish my letter now. Here is a mistake but no matter. I commenced on the wrong side of the paper. Well, no letters today but I can stand it without any. ____ I will write to Ed right away. I have got no letters from him nor know where he was and now I will write to him. I wrote to ____ last night. I wrote home yesterday. I can’t write much more for I have but two stamps left. Well the mail is going out and I must close my letter to send it out. So goodbye for this time. Write soon.

This from your brother, — Wiley Lafferty

¹ Wiley received a gunshot wound in the Battle of Fair Oaks on 1 June 1862 that resulted in the loss of the middle finger on his land hand. He served in Co. A, 64th New York Infantry.

² William (“Bill”) Marsh enlisted at Allegany on 21 September 1861 to serve three years in Co. K, 64th New York Infantry. He was wounded in action at the Battle of Fair Oaks on 1 June 1862 and was discharged for disability on 29 September 1862 at Fort McHenry, Maryland.

³ Owen Fee was 39 years old when he enlisted in September 1861 to serve three years in Co. K, 64th New York Infantry. He was mustered into the regiment as a corporal and served until 1 June 1, 1862 when he was struck down on the battlefield at Fair Oaks, Virginia. 

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