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Daniel Wiley Lafferty, 64th New York Infantry

Pvt. Daniel “Wiley” Lafferty (1833-1900) enlisted on 1 December 1861 at Elmira, New York in Co. A, 64th New York Infantry. Though he enlisted for three years, Wiley’s service was cut short by a couple of debilitating injuries. He received a wound at Fair Oaks which resulted in the loss of the 3rd finger on his left hand. In early November 1862, while chopping firewood, he accidentally chopped off the large toe on his right foot. He was prematurely discharged for medical disability from a Philadelphia hospital on 3 February 1863. There are five of his letters in the collection.

Wiley’s parents were Daniel Lafferty (1784-1856) and Catharine Snyder (1793-1879) of Sardenia, Erie County, New York.

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