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30 November 1864

Ringgold, Georgia
November 30, 1864

Respected Mother,

I take the present opportunity to inform you of our whereabouts and of [brother] Edwin’s misfortunate. He was wounded the 24th in the charge up Lookout Mountain but is not dangerous, so the doctor says. It is a flesh wound in the shoulder. He was wounded in the first part of the fight and sent to the hospital somewhere in Tennessee. We drove the Rebs off the mountain and followed them five days so I didn’t see him after he left us but we will hear from the wounded in a few days and I will write again and let you know how and where he is.

I expect we will go back to our old camp tomorrow and may hear from him there. If so, I will write again. I have no more to write at present but will write again soon. Please write as soon as you get this.

Give my love to all the friends and neighbors. Yours with respect. — Ben F. Edy

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